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Sybase and Verizon

Strategic Partnership to Enable Effective Management and Deployment of Mobile Workforce

Sybase and Verizon announced in September 2009 that they are teaming up to enable multinational companies to effectively manage the deployment and ongoing support of their growing mobile workforce. Verizon’s new offering, Managed Mobility Solutions, utilizes Sybase’s proven mobility services expertise and best-in-class enterprise device management platform.

About Verizon Managed Mobility Solutions
Verizon has created a unique, comprehensive, and fully integrated suite of products and services to manage the needs of Global Enterprises. To help companies meet the increasing demand for information delivered over mobile devices such as Smartphone’s and cell phones, while avoiding the complexity of managing these devices, Verizon has created a new managed mobility offering.  This Service is created to satisfy enterprise requirements for a single solution to offer “one-stop-shopping” and support for all mobile carriers and wireless services including: 

  • Controlling and telecommunication operating costs
  • Defining strategic mobile policies
  • Ensuring compliance with current security policies
  • Enforcing corporate directives and telecommunications policies
  • Enabling applications on mobile devices
  • Carrier independent managed platform

Verizon will leverage the technology and expertise of leading mobility vendors. Quickcomm, a leading provider of global telecom expense management software and services, provides software that powers the inventory and expense management, and device logistics components of Verizon Managed Mobility Solutions. Sybase, an industry leader in delivering enterprise and mobile software to manage, analyze and mobilize information, supports the mobile device management and mobile security modules of the new Verizon service. Verizon provides a full suite of Professional services to assist customers in preparing for centralized mobility management.  

Verizon Managed Mobility Solutions joins the company’s already broad portfolio mobility services. Building on the power of its advanced collaboration platforms and expansive world-class wireline and wireless networks, Verizon’s mobility offerings enable professionals to securely and seamlessly conduct business while away from the office.

Learn more about Verizon Managed Mobility Solutions.

Learn more about Sybase’s management and security solutions included in Verizon’s offering.

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