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Sybase BPI Suite


Notice: BPI Suite is no longer offered by Sybase. End of Life Notification

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Business processes are what define how companies do business—and how they create differentiable advantages against competitors. It makes financial sense to apply technology to critical business processes and remove costly human error, training, and overhead, but these processes are typically complex, and involve information, knowledge, and interactions from multiple departments or entities.

Automating, integrating, and deploying business processes is only the beginning. The true value comes when enterprises can continue to analyze and optimize automated business processes to ensure that they are efficient, achieving their business objectives and adequately addressing the dynamic market conditions.

Sybase's Business Process Integrator (BPI) Suite is a comprehensive set of integration and business process management tools that enable companies to:

  • Rapidly build, manage, and improve complex business processes linking multiple divisions or enterprises through business process management and activity monitoring.
  • Develop Web Services to greatly reduce the time and labor associated with connecting to applications and partners.
  • Quickly implement processes between business partners with the broadest support for leading B2B business process management and integration standards including Web Services (WSDL, UDDI, and SOAP), RosettaNet and ebXML
  • Increase business agility and rapid return on investment.
  • Buy and deploy incrementally while at the same time building for the future - Sybase BPI Suite is a strategic enterprise integration solution/platform.

BPI Suite Data Sheet (PDF)

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