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Data Movement

Organizations today face a number of serious challenges related to data movement. As IT infrastructures grow increasingly complex, there is ever-greater need for data to be:

  • Synchronized
  • Integrated
  • Consolidated
  • Migrated

Replication Server enables sharing of information within and across such environments by replicating data to and from different hardware platforms and data sources while maintaining full transactional integrity.

Replication Server:

  • Maintains the integrity of the data at the transaction level
  • Delivers data quickly and efficiently across the enterprise
  • Allows synchronization of data across geographies
  • Transfers data in any direction across heterogeneous data sources

These capabilities are particularly important when designing and implementing large-scale data migrations. By replicating data during migration, the enterprise can migrate existing data without interrupting critical business applications. Applications can be moved to the new version or platform after the new database server is populated, applications are tested, and any new features are implemented. Operational integrity is preserved - seamlessly.

Replication Server supports data distribution and synchronization for enterprise-critical systems on a day-to-day or hour-to-hour basis. When distributing data across multiple sites or synchronizing data across different platforms or database types, Replication Server offers the same advantages of preserving both data and operational integrity.

Additional Sybase solutions supporting data movement:

Sybase OpenSwitch – increases data quality by transparently monitoring and managing transactions and communications to a safe completion.

Sybase Real-Time Data Services – provides immediate insight into changing business events, eliminating information delays created by incompatible systems, batch updates, or application polling.

Sybase Unwired Orchestrator – is a feature rich EAI solution to integrate applications and databases and to orchestrate services.


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