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SQL Anywhere for ISV Applications

Database and synchronization technology embedded in software applications

There are many savings with choosing to embed a database in your client-server, web, desktop or mobile application.

  • Development, testing, support and sales costs go down when you don’t have to support multiple versions of multiple databases on multiple platforms. Embedding a database removes the pressure to support a prospect’s preferred database.
  • Using a database designed to be embedded for broad distribution and remote support amplifies the savings related to development, testing, support and sales.

Twenty years of R&D, thousands of ISVs and 10 million deployed seats prove SQL Anywhere as an embedded database leader.

Embed Easily

  • Out of the box performance with self-tuning query optimizer, dynamic cache sizing. See TPC benchmark.
  • Completely hide all screens and system tray icons
  • Auto-start and stop server with software application
  • Easily include SQL Anywhere components as part of your application installation

Automate Maintenance
Without Jeopardizing Performance

  • Automatically defragment and grow database files
  • Automatically back up databases and recover from system failures.
  • Pre-configure maintenance tasks based on time schedule or database states such as idle server or DB file size

Support Remotely

  • All data and configuration stored in single DB file
  • Simply copy DB files from one operating system to another for easy deployment or debugging
  • Pre-configure database and ship with application
  • Export trace logs to file to track DB activity





SQL Anywhere is supported remotely, has automated maintenance, and is easily embeddable in your client-server, web, desktop or mobile application.

Click here for Free SQL Anywhere Developer Edition.


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