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Corporate Banking Solution

Offer your corporate clients the most robust, technically advanced and efficient cash management solution available with Sybase eBanking 365 Corporate Banking


Features & Benefits

Large corporations and corporate treasurers face an ever-increasing need to cut costs and deliver services with fewer resources while finding new sources of revenue. To meet this challenge, financial professionals are seeking Web-based corporate banking solutions that allow them to efficiently manage their entire organization's cash position in an easy-to-use format. And, by moving from paper-based processing to electronic processing, corporations are able to eliminate inefficiencies and error-prone processes.

From a bank perspective, providing business clients with leading-edge technology solutions is paramount to maintaining a competitive advantage. To remain competitive, banks are seeking banking solutions that leverage their IT investments while providing interest and fee-based income opportunities while strengthening their service offerings.

The Sybase eBanking 365 Corporate Banking Solution encompasses a full range of services that enable banks to offer to both their SME and  corporate clients the most robust, technically advanced, and efficient cash management solutions available.

Built on a proven J2EE platform, the SME and Corporate Banking Solutions are designed for transaction-intensive deployments that require scalability and high availability. Through theire design for separating business logic from the presentation layer, the solution can be readily customized for different segments and brands. For example, the solution can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each client and implemented to support a range of value propositions and fee structures.

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