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SAP Afaria

SAP Afaria's software platform delivers centralized control of all mobile devices and tablets including iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry, as well as the apps that run on them. With keeping technology in mind, SAP Afaria offers Enterprises the flexibility to deploy on premise or partner hosted.


For the most up-to-date information on SAP Afaria, VISIT THE SAP AFARIA PAGE ON SAP.COM »

Technical Tips for SAP Afaria Mobile Applications

Inventory Manager Demo
This demo provides an overview on how to create an Afaria Inventory Manager Channel.

How to Install Afaria Tutorial
This demo outlines the steps to install Afaria 6.0.

Afaria Complex Software Installation Demo
This demo provides an overview on how to use Afaria to perform a complex software installation.

Configuration Manager Demo
This demo provides an overview of how to create a configuration manager channel. It also shows how to use over-the-air deployment through Afaria.


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