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Appeon® for Government

Bring the utility of your PowerBuilder applications to the Web in a matter of hours or days without investing large amounts of money and time in a major re-architecture and development effort. Appeon® for PowerBuilder® transforms data-rich PowerBuilder applications into browser-based applications while retaining the full functionality and productive user interface of the original application.

Issues Facing Government IT Shops

These days, state governments are pressed for resources as much or more than any other type of IT shops. You can't open a newspaper without reading about another state facing budget deficits, and we all know that in a budget crisis, IT is frequently hit first, and hit hardest.

Many of our PowerBuilder customers in all levels of government are being asked to web-enable their client/server applications. Web-enabling is a way to reduce the maintenance costs of keeping desktop software up-to-date, and improve user productivity by providing remote access to applications. However, the time and resource costs of re-architecting a PowerBuilder client/server application for the web can be prohibitive. And the end result won't maintain the rich GUI functionality that users have come to know and love in PowerBuilder applications.

A new Web-enablement solution for State and Local Government

We have the answer: Appeon for PowerBuilder. This innovative new option will deploy an existing PowerBuilder client/server application to the web, while maintaining the look, feel and functionality of the original application. No major re-architecting is required, and the level of rich "client/server" type features has to be seen to be believed. Your customers will interact with their applications the way they're accustomed, and you will leverage your existing software and developer resources.

To learn more about this technology, contact us, or view our on-line demo.

Click here to view the Appeon for PowerBuilder Solution Brief.

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